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Thread: Maxell?

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    I am thinking of buying 50 Maxell DVD's and they're all DVD-R.
    Do Maxell CD's work?

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    You're rolling the dice. We suggest verbatim DVD-r discs. I've used memorex dvd-r discs in the past, but even with those I've had one batch work and the next batch not. Stick with verbatim.

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    yeah but the place I live doesn't have verbatim discs.

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    You can try them, but as I said, it's rolling the dice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strct View Post
    yeah but the place I live doesn't have verbatim discs.
    Where you live, the UK? That's my best guess with (IDK where over the pond you'd get your media). Verbatim DVD-R, Taiyo Yuden, or Ritek G05 are considered the best in terms of quality media.

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    Yeah I live in the uk but it's ok - I found some Verbatim discs (lucky me)


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