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Thread: Help!!!! I Can't Title a Thread Properly, Lack Originality

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    Help!!!! I Can't Title a Thread Properly, Lack Originality

    I have Homebrew installed on my wii version 4.0E i am using ios 249 rev 19 with Neogamma r8 when i try to load a backup disks on dvd-r i get dvd read
    error 1167.. I also tried wiigater 0.3 and get an error dvd error 324
    I tried loading an original disk from these applications and it runs fine..

    The cd's work in another wii with neogamma.

    using 2gb SD card

    Wii is a LAH116.

    Have i installed the cios wrong?

    what cios version wad do you guys recommend to use now

    If anyone has suggestions please let me know what to do and any links to files would be great.

    I have not tried loading games from usb as i dont have a usb drive or hdd for usb.


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    Not a wiihacks softmodding guide is what this tells me. Follow dogegg's 3.1-4.1 guide (on Step 3, only do Step 3D).


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