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Thread: can't load more than 10 games on hdd

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    can't load more than 10 games on hdd

    I am new to this. I just get my wii to work and able to play backup games. for some reason, if i load more than 10 games on the hdd and try to scoll thru the game's list. some of the games just start disappear and some error show up. if i just put only 10 games back on and everything work fine. can someone show me how to fix this problem?
    wii version 3.1U
    load cios 36 rev10
    usb loader V1.5
    wii do not have access to internet

    thanks alot,
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    find the guide by junkmail titled update your softmod

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    yes I have read the update your softmod. I didn't see anything about error happen with having more than 10 games in the hdd. do I need to update my cios36 rev10 to cios38 revXX or usb loader v1.5 to usb loader gx to fix the problem?

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    You need to update to cIOS38 rev17 ( as mentioned in the guide Cile linked you to above). Follow the guide and try an updated USB Loader. If you still have problems then come back and post here.
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    I able to download usb loader gx installer and run it thru my computer to get all the file I need to install on my wii. everything went thru good. I able to have more than 10 games on my hdd. the problem I have now is that its only show 8 game's cover and the rest of the games have ? on the images. I might need to update the usb loader gx to the lastest rev. to fix the problem. right now I have r874. does anyone know where to get the lastest files for usb loader gx? my wii don't have internet, so I need to know what to do when I get the lastest file.


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