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Thread: How do i reset my wii to Factory (coulndt find in search)

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    How do i reset my wii to Factory (coulndt find in search)

    i used the hack New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii from dog eggs (i have 4.1) and just want to get my wii back to factory. my kids are the only ones that play it and dont use any of the mod features so i just dont want it to get bricked.

    is it possible just to get it back to what it was before it was moded (factory default)

    i just didnt want to do a factory reset and brick my wii without asking about it.

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    Yes, it's possible --- there are two guides here, you need to search. And don't say you haven't, because it's obvious you have not. One is easily found, it's in the Recommended Guides section of the site. The other is in another section and designed for 4.2 (N/A to you).


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