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Thread: Mario Galaxy 1 Black Screen at Castle

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    Unhappy Mario Galaxy 1 Black Screen at Castle

    Hi everyone. I have this problem, a black screen in SMG at the beginning, when Mario arrives to the castle.

    I just bought my wii, it's used, and comes whith a softmod whith;
    menu version 3.4U
    neogamma R8 beta 3 cios249 v14.

    I'm trying to run the game from a HDD. Other games seem to work ok.

    From what i found in this forum, this games requires

    Super Mario Galaxy.....................IOS33-64-v1040............System Menu 3.0

    So, should I install it? Or it is better to install IOS33-64-v3091? Or maybe the problem is other thing.

    Thanks in advance. Sorry for my bad English.

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    I doubt your issue is due to the ios. That is a very old game so you shouldn't have a problem. I would try to get another copy of the game. More than likely a bad download I would guess.

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    Thanks for the quick answer, it was a "patched update" iso. I'll try whith an other image and reply.

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    Hi, I downloaded an other copy of the game, this one had good comments in the tracker, but it fails at the same moment, when Mario gets to the castle at the beginning of the game I get a black screen. Any advice? Everyother game seems to work ok, even mario galaxy 2 (in the first world anyway).

    Edit: I used GX USB loader and it worked. Thanks anyway.
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