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Thread: Please, help me !

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    Please, help me !

    Black screen with:
    Systemmenu - Error autobooting systemmenu !Ticket not found !
    Homebrew Channel - Error autobooting HSC, maybe title not installed !
    Installed File - Error autobooting file, try reinstalling !Could not open file !
    Load/Install File - No SD Card Found !(I have a SD Card, but if you say I'll buy a new one)
    Systemmenu Hacks - Couldnt find hacks.ini on fat or nand.
    And Setting is the only thing that i can run.
    HELP !

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    Sounds like you're in priiloader.

    1. What system menu are you on?
    2. Do you have bootmii installed as boot2? (your dvd light will flash twice quickly when you power on.)
    3. What was the last thing you did before it died?
    4. How old is your wii?

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    Extract to sd:\
    It needs to be a standard sd card less than 2g.

    Hold reset and reboot the wii, enable update block hacks. See if that helps you load the system menu.

    Preloader will not load HBC, but you can use to load HBC from preloader, just install it and load the installed file.

    If you still can not load the system menu after loading the hacks.ini, follow this guide
    Ipsa scientia potestas est.

    Warning: Piracy is NOT supported. Word your questions carefully.

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