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Thread: need help with endless ocean blue world

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    need help with endless ocean blue world

    i'm just wondering if its possible to play an actual copy of this game on a softmodded wii. i just removed the twilight hack and went through dog eggs guide to re softmod it to 4.1. it says that the priiloader hack should stop the update to 4.2 banner on the game, but i cant get past it. please help - and forgive my ignorance.

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    did you put block disc update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cile View Post
    did you put block disc update
    with priiloader? if so - then no. i have only been able to go through the installation on hbc. it says that it ends successfully, but i can actually open a program. would that be the issue?

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    yes hold reset while powering on untill you boot into priiloader

    Get file here,
    Hacks.ini all

    Edit text file, use lines with 449 for 4.1U, 450 for 4.1E, 481 for 4.2U, and 482 for 4.2E

    Save edited hacks.ini file to root of SD card

    When finished select 'system menu hacks' in the Priiloader menu
    To start with just enable
    'skip disc update check' and online updates .
    save then go into settings
    Autoboot = system menu
    Return = system menu

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    thank you so much for the help.

    just one more question - with the lines you want me to edit, am i removing the other lines from this document and keeping those you recommended for each version? (mine would be the 449 for 4.1U) what do you mean by edit exactly is what i'm asking? again... sorry i'm trying to learn.
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    i've just been getting a black screen when i try to load the store bought game. just installed ciosrev17 and still the same thing... any thoughts?

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    Thinking it needs a particular ios that was not provided in that guide. This was the first game I believe to come with system menu 4.2 on it so it came out after that guide was made and it probably has not been changed to include it.
    There is a thread on this issue from the senior moderator Tealc, if you wanna search for it.
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