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Thread: Wii Gameplay Recording App?

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    Wii Gameplay Recording App?

    me and my boys have the illest Mario Kart matches ever
    so of course we thought about recording them
    its no problem to acctually record us sitting on the coach screaming
    but without the gameplay the videos only show half the action

    so is there a way to record from the wii itself?
    i dont evne kno if thats technically possbile for the wii to manage to calculate the game and record it at the same time...
    playing a game from dvd while it records on usb hdd...
    but maybe maybe some1 of u knows something i dont
    or maybe some1 has acctual programming skills unlike me and can make such a thing possible but never thought of it b4....

    the whole av to usb to pc things seems to be a bit too complicated
    i guess a hard drive recording thing would prolly be the easiest solution
    if its not possible to records from the wii itself

    anyway let me know what u think

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    I don't think it would be possible to do it through the wii. If your TV has an Output you might be able to patch it in to a DVR if you have one of those. Just a thought.


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