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Thread: Have Wiikey2 installed black screen on startup only. Please Help!!

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    Have Wiikey2 installed black screen on startup only. Please Help!!

    On wii Version 4.1u and was getting some errors when using usbloader gx. Installed cfg loader and I think restarted the wii and somehow I got two channels of the usbloadrer gx. Then I went to delete one of them and somehow I guess I deleted ios60patched.wad or something else. When I was at the homebrew channel I kept trying to tell it to restart and return to the wii home. It kept returning to the hbc. Like a dumb ass I hit the reset button and now it will turn on and only give me a black screen, nothing else. I tried to using a couple of recovering discs and a ddr pad with no luck. I even tried a wiikey config disc no go. What can I do? Buy a CG controller do something else. If it is totally toast fine, will my wiikey2 work in current units? I've got a 5 year old that will have total melt down not being able to play star wars lego and donkey kong. Please, please advise. This is frying my brain.
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    Deleting ios60 was your fatal mistake. When you power on does your dvd light flash once, or twice quickly? Power on again while holding reset and see if priiloader comes up.

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    Only flashes once and I don't think I istalled priloader? It's been a while since I did anything except update the usb loader. If it is toast, what are my options? Do you know if the new wiis will take my wiikey2? Or are modchips not needed anymore? Are the new softmods just as good as wiikey2?
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    With no bootmii pr priiloader you're just about dead in the water. If you get a new wii you can't play burnt discs so your chip is useless. You can softmod it and load your games from an external hard drive though. I don't think auto boot discs would help you here since you don't have a system menu ios to launch anything. Wait for clarification on that from our brick experts before you throw in the towel.

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    How old is the Wii and/or what is the serial number (if you dont want to post the whole thing, just PM it to me)


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