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Thread: Drivekey now working!

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    Drivekey not working!

    Ok, so the story is I had a D2Pro9 chip on my first Wii, which I gifted to a cousin. Now, I got a second Wii. It came with the D4 drive, so I bought a new drive on ebay that is compatible (I think it is D2c). Anyways, the new drive works great with originals.

    Now today, I get my DriveKey from ConsoleSource, so I went to install it. Nothing.. Every time I try to play an original disc or backup it says an error occurred and to restart the Wii. With the DriveKey plugged in, I can see a red light on it. Also, I tried going to the Drivekey menu by pressing eject 3x, but nothing happens.

    Any ideas on what could be wrong? I'll contact them tmrw, but it looks like I have to pay return ship to do RMA, which is gonna be almost half the cost of the modchip..

    Just to add, I made sure that both the dip switches were in the up position (for USA) and I tried reattaching the cables 3 times.. either it's a problem with the small ribbon cable or the actual drivekey. Also, if it is any help, the DriveKey is supposed to say Wii and DVD on opposing sides, well mine does NOT. It says DVD on one side, but the other side is blank, idk if that means anything though.. Thanks!

    UPDATE: So I kinda didnt read the online manual so well and USA is up and down. So after changing that setting, original games do work now, but none of my backups work..

    Btw the FW is 4.2U

    UPDATE 2: I have rechecked all the connections and it seems the DriveKey won't play any backups. The drive starts spinning and just stops and doesn't spin anymore.
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