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Thread: Cheat Code database All in one?

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    Us Cheat Code database All in one?

    Ok, first of all, I am sorry if this is not the correct subforum for this topic, and second in my search for this, I have found alot of information BUT the info I need.

    I am looking for a complete/mostly complete wii code database in either txt or gct format. I know of the Wiird database, but I am looking for it in a SINGLE file. One rar to cheat them all as it were... The Ds has a code database that is a single file. I was looking for a rar or zip file with them all there. Have I missed this someplace else? If I did miss it, someone sticky it lol Thanks all.

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    I'm pointing out that cheat codes (especially of the online variety) are not supported or endorsed by wiihacks. Cheat enables of other kinds while not tacitly stated, tend nonetheless to be "looked down upon." You'll not find what you're after here... any questions --- review the site rules here (the ones you accepted 4/28/10).
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