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Thread: DDR Ps1 on wii possible???

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    Question DDR Ps1 on wii possible???

    hey guys i loved the first ddr games on the ps1 but i dont got one i got a wii now and omg they wrecked ddr on the wii, the playstation 2 ones were ok but really now its gone to crap.

    Anyway is it possible to play the origonal ps1 ddr on my wii, i have my wii modded i have homebrew channel i got ddr working on a emulator off the wii but its so slow its not even playable

    I got a ddr pad that plugs into the gamecube slot so i was wondering is there a way i can burn the game and play it on my wii becasue with the emulator psxwii which i download off wii homebrew browser it laggs and i was running the game off the sd card idk why it laggs anyway please if anyone can find me a way to get a full working version of one of the game from the ps1 and works with the gamecube ddr pad i will be forevor grateful

    i have seen poeple make a copy of the the super mario 64 from nintnedo 64 and some other n64 games and make it playable off of a gamecube thats if yours i modded and that same game also works for wii and no lagg at all if you dont understand what i mean here are links

    Removed links to pirated material

    so is it possible to do this with ddr ps1 and if yes will someone do it i will be so greatful i would do it but im not that great at doing this stuff or else i wouldent be here posting this

    idk even if it is on my labtop but i cant plug in my ddr gamecube pad to my labtop or else i would use it with stepmania on my labtop but i cant so dose anyone have any ideas?

    this is the only ps1 game i want along with final fantasy tacticts war of the lions but would rather have the ddr game here are the ddr games i was talking about
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    ever consider to play DDRhottestParty and DDRHparty_2 of Wii ?

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    I assume you downloaded a copy because you don't want to damage your original disk as the wiihacks forums do not support piracy. I think the laggy game play is just because the psx emulators have not reached full frame rate yet. They make ps2 to usb adapters so a ps2 dance mat will work with your computer should you choose to go that route.
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