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Thread: My 4.2U Wii is bricked...Please Help

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    My 4.2U Wii is bricked...Please Help

    I was away for a week came back and my wii has a black screen when I press the power button. After press the power button, waited for a while, the wii theme sound plays but no video. I research this issue from this forum and tried many numerous troubleshoot but no luck. I also follow this guide too: using option 1 & 2 but no luck.

    My wii system was on 4.2U

    Please help if you have encountered this problem in the past. I have search this forum for answers prior to this post.


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    Do you have bootmii as boot2 installed? (DVD light flashes twice quickly when you power on)]
    Do you have priiloader installed? (Hold reset when you power on to bring it up)
    Can you access the recovery menu using a game cube comtroller when you power on?
    How old is the wii?
    These things help us trouble shoot. Any idea what was done to it to make it stop working?

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    Thanks for prompt response,

    -The DVD light flashes 1 time
    -I held the reset button after the power button was pressed nothing came up.
    -I have not tried the GC controller method
    -The wii serial number starts with LU36 (i had at least a couple of years)

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    Was the wii on while you where gone fore that weeK? Sounds like a hardware failure.
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    No, I always shut down the wii after playing it.

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    if I replaced the motherboard would that fix the problem?

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    replacing motherboard would fix any problem, perhaps....... however, expensive !
    as u mentioned " the wii theme sound plays but no video. " hv u check the tv/mon cables ?
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