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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy Black Screen Of Death.

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    Super Mario Galaxy Black Screen Of Death.

    Hello i need help.
    When im playing smg2 it seems like my usb drive will disconnect. The music will stop and nothing will load after that. After i beat the level it will stay at what i like to now call THE BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH!! if i reboot the wii it will do the same thing in the same spot. if i re download the game to the usb again it will just start to hang in a different spot. I have followed the guide in the forums for SMG2 i have also used Cios 38 R 14 - 19, Hermies 222 r4, Usb loader GX, neogamma 8 all do the same thing. My other games also hang

    Is there a certain USB stick i should use?

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    Kingston 16GB may be ur alternative.
    being sold at $29.99 in Frys.

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    Does it sound like a new usb stick would fix the problem? has anyone else had this problem?

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    Could be a usb drive issue. If you've followed the guide on this game and it's stil doing it, then try a different usb device. I bought about five, tested them, and returned the 4 that were slowest for a full refund. Please post any further troubles with this game in that guide to keep clutter down on the site.


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