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Thread: Guitar Hero 5 help

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    Exclamation Guitar Hero 5 help

    hey guys i got my wii hard modded and soft modded by playing games off my hard drive i have got every game to work and even installed a was for smash bros but now about Guitar Hero 5 wii well i used this tutoral and cant seem to get it to work i installed the wads and it diddent help here is the tutoral i am talking about

    my info you need to know

    Wii Ver. 4.2U
    Wii has Drive Key in it
    Wii is soft modded Homebrew Channel
    Using WiiFlow USB Loader (IOS249)

    im sorry guys i just cant seem to get this game to work i have tried everything i installed the wads the tutoral said but cant get it to load off of wii flow. all my other games work fine i launch wiiflow from the homebrew channel then select the game and select play i have messed around with the settings diddent seem to help the game like launches but stays as a black screen i dosent like load i dont know

    Also sorry if i posted in the wrong section i wont do it agian this sjust diddent seem to fit anywere else and diddent know were to post it thats if i did post it somewere i wasent suposse to sorry if i did please dont lock it i wanna get this game working
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    Hard mods Only !! Those who break this simple rule will spend 30 days in RR and if again, then Perma-Banned

    You are trying to use Wiiflow to load the game, so this is definitely in the wrong section. Guess you missed the red warning..
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    If it wasn't for your stating you had a chip you would bee in the reading room. Please make this post in the GH5 guide.


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