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Thread: Help! Bricked Wii!

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    Help! Bricked Wii!

    I have had this wii for about 3 years... And when I was trying to install Preloader because I was scared it might brick... but now it's bricked! It's firmware was 4.2e and preloader is not installed because it bricked right in the middle of me installing preloader...
    When I boot up the wii it abnormally overheats and says in a garbled font that "The system files are corrupted. Please refer to the wii operation manual for troubleshooting (or something like that)" is there anything i can do to help my bricked wii?
    It was a pal wii and if i remember (but i could be wrong) I was installing preloader on IOS60 or IOS80.
    Please help! I also had the HBC installed!

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    Edit: Turns out I has preloader installed but when I try to go on HBC it says "Error autobooting HBC, maybe title not installed?" but I have the hbc installed. Please Help!

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    Do the preloader/priiloader brick fix guide link above this section.
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    Thanks I finally got it up and running and realised preloader was outdated...
    But still thanks!


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