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Thread: How can I tell if my Wii is chipped or not

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    How can I tell if my Wii is chipped or not


    Ive just bought a chipped Wii, apparently! and i only have a normal game. Is there a way I can check now if its chipped? and what kind of chip it is?
    sorry for the ubernoob question!


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    U could open it up and c if there is a chip, or get a copy and c if it works

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    I'm afraid the only real way is to use your eyes and check for the chip. A CORPed Wii would appear as hardmodded too.

    Not sure why it's important though. If stuff works then does it really matter?
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    Well, if someone sells wii with high price because it is "modded" but actually just has cioscorp.. I think that would be scamming, you would be paying for a free program made by someone else.

    But why not contact the seller and ask? Another way to have a clue without opening wii would be running syscheck, and see if there's cioscorp. if not and wii plays dvd's (backups), then it would mean that wii is hardmodded.


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