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Thread: Hi, a hopefully simple question on playing imports.

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    Hi, a hopefully simple question on playing imports.

    I'm in the UK and have a PAL Wii and amssive JRPG fan . I have softmodded it successfuly (tested by backing up my copy of SMG) using the awesome guides on here. I decided to softmod as the upcoming RPGs Arc Rise Fantasia, Xenoblade and The Last Story (and maybe even Dragon Quest X) may not get a release in PAL terrortries and if they do a few months delay delay is quite likely, so I'll import them from PlayAsia like I've done in the past with PS2 games.

    Now, looking around the forums I've noticed that some backup games don't work straight away and need futher softmodding to make them work, like Monster Hunter Tri for example. Are the rules the same for an original import copy of the game (as in a non-back up NTSC version of the game to play on my softmodded PAL system)? If I bought MH3 from the US would I still run into the same problems?

    I just thought I would ask this so I don't go rushing out pre-ordering games, with Arc Rise Fantasia coming out soon, that may not work staright away if at all?

    I hope this post makes sense. Thanks.

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    I think if you softmodded successfully you can play backups from any region (ntsc on pal) or (pal on ntsc) for most games, except pikman 2 pal on ntsc you need component cables. Just force what region in the settings of whatever loader you are using.

    P.S.- Your first post should be in this section here.

    Also the search function is really helpful. If I can't find what I am searching for I search my question on google with wiihacks after my question and always find what I am looking for.
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