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Thread: Burning Gamecube Backups Question

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    Question Burning Gamecube Backups Question

    Alright, I finally ordered my mod chip after verifying that I didn't have the poxy on my board and now I have a question. I've been seeing a lot of different programs to verify Wii image sizes, and to remove the update partition. Is there a Gamecube image verifier or are they ok just to burn straight from download?
    I've been looking and don't see any info about one but don't know the exact answer and would like to before I start burning.

    Edit: Bonus sub-question, I wanted to make sure of this, but you can play different region gamecube backups on a Wii, is that correct?

    2nd edit: Also, I've seen discs that have multiple gamecube games on them. WTF? How does that work and how would you do it?
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    I'm not sure about Gamecube iso verification, but you can use GCos Multigame creator (search forum) to create a multigame disc, may be it also verifies.

    With regard to playing different region games, my opinion is that even if the modchip is advertised as being able to play multi region games its going to be hit or miss situation. Best to always stick with the same region as your wii whenever possible.

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    When I rip Gamecube games .. I use WUM 1.2 to read the info from the gamecube image .. then choose "Brickblock" on the bottom.

    It will make your gamecube image say "Multi" for the region after you re-read the image.

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