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Thread: memory access problem!?

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    memory access problem!?

    Ok so I've search the forums and googled this problem but nothing has come up so far. my wii is a first gen model with a 4.2 menu update and it gets this(an error has occurred while accessing the wii system memory)message. is there a way to fix it?
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    1.) Is this on a modded Wii?
    2.) Where do you encounter this issue? (boot, specific channel, etc..)

    More info is always helpful to those here who can help with problems like these.
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    1) I successfully modded it after the issue started
    2.)this issue happens after the system has to access the memory to save a game
    example: at the end of a legitimate copy off SMG2 after the credits role the game makes an attempt to auto save but Fails
    The confusing part is it lets me make in game saves?
    A,B,B,A up,down,left,right, L1, R1, hold A and press start (did i do it right?)

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    Just wondering if you ever got a fix for this. I've been getting the same problem, however, I haven't been able to run smg2 at all, it gives me this screen when loading. This is for both ISOs and an actual retail. I've been posting in the SMG2 thread, but no one has responded yet.

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    Did either of you ever get this issue resolved? I am having this issue with many new games on a softmodded wii 4.2u. Thanks!

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    For anyone else who stumbles upon this and has this problem, I backed up all saved games to SD and formatted wii system memory. After that, no more problems.

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    Yeah, I was going to reply the same thing you just did.


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