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Thread: Priiloader upgrade making system menu freeze

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    Priiloader upgrade making system menu freeze

    Hey folks,

    I recently upgraded my priiloader to version 0.4 and now when I go into the system menu my wii freezes solid. I tried changing the ios in priiloader settings to use 60 and 70 and also to use system ios but nothing works. If I load channels thru the title loader in Priiloader everything goes ok, alls well in USB loader gx too.

    Any thoughts?

    Any help is appreciated!

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    truthfully i had the same issue so i just went back to 0.3b kinda sad since i think there's additional hacks for .4
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    I wonder what it was that put us in the same boat?
    I think for me it may have something to do with having had CIOSCORP then removing it. I think somewhere in the removal process one of my IOS may have become messed up. I have nothing to really base this on except that I've had more weird errors since installing/removing CIOSCORP than anything else.
    The issue I was hoping to fix by upgrading my Priiloader was to finally fix the HAXX/JODI issue with HBC and having to have both .6 and .3 of HBC on my system. That problem still exists and now the system menu freezes.

    I don't really care about the system menu much myself however my nephew is moving across the country this week and I had planned to loan him my wii to keep him out of his parents hair while they get settled in.

    I'm hoping someone on here will be able to tell me something simple that I've missed that will fix this all up.

    Thanks peoples.


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