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Thread: N64 wad channels...

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    Talking N64 wad channels...

    Hello people. Where can i find the wad of Donkey Kong 64, Goldeneye 007, Banjo Kazooie & Jetforce Geminis???

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    Uhmmmmm just go to a Torrent site, or rapid share and look for Wii N64 VC .Wads and look for those games.

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    those are all rare games. You aint gonna find them anywhere.

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    I have a decent list of N64 WADs but I don't know if I have those.
    What I'm planning on doing is to create those myself.
    So if I do and it works I'll let you know.
    If you want to give it a try or want more information, research 'Injecting WADs.'

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    I would love banjo-kazooie and banjo tooie. Good luck.

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    damn STAR WARS ROUGE SQUADRON N64 would be dope!

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    The Rare games are currently not on the Wii Store Channel, so it means there are no Wads available for them, unless you get an injected wad. Tried with Banjo Kazooie but didn't work.

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    .....its not possible to play those on the wii yet.

    is it??

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    yes its called injectuwad just google it and inject the rom in a wad file try it and good luck


    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by micwrecka View Post
    damn STAR WARS ROUGE SQUADRON N64 would be dope!

    AMEN!!!! I played that game all the time! Lol, I hated the level where you had to fly in between the city and get that powerup at night

    My favorite one had to be the Death Star. It was too short =/

    You officially rock, dude.

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