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Thread: When the New Zelda game comes out...?

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    When the New Zelda game comes out...?

    I was just curious, and searching was of no help, when the new Zelda game eventually comes out, will I be able to download the Jap version (which I assume will come out first) and play it through USB Loader GX? Or will I need some sort of language patch to translate the text dialog/menus/etc. to english.

    Can any combination of this or something else allow me to play this game as soon as it comes out (where ever it may be that it first comes out)? Or am I just going to have to wait for the NTSC version from Europe or the US?

    I thought I'd ask now and make some pre-Zelda preperations. Im heaps keen for this game...


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    To Start:

    1. I dont think there is a release date yet..... (Not Certain)
    2. Most likely you will be able to play it through the standard loaders...
    3. We will not know what is in the update partiton as far as IOS requirements till someone has a ISO for it (so way to early)
    4. The Forums here will be the first to know about the game and the guide will come just like everyother game guide does...
    5. Right now sit tight and we all have to wait....

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    Yep gettin' a little ahead of yourself there. The game doesn't come out til sometime around November, and that's if it doesn't get pushed back. The only thing I can come close to answering outta that is if the NTSC-J version comes with English subs programmed in you could probably use them. If not, then someone'd have to write up a fully translated script and manually patch it into the game like Fatal Frame 4.
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    Haha, fair enough. I may have been a little misleading in my questions, I wasnt expecting for some magical hack to bring Zelda back from the future and let me play it tomorrow, I just thought that someone with much more experience than me could make a pretty sound guess at how its all gonna play out. In which case there might be something(s) I could take care of now so Im not wasting time after it comes out when I could be playing. It was an idle thought that popped into my head at like 5:30 in the morning. Still, emuhack and Ithian, you answered all my questions between you.

    Thanks guys.

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