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Thread: Super Mario Galaxy 2 game saves

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    Super Mario Galaxy 2 game saves

    I have a dumb question. I haven't really played Super Mario Galaxy one or two but thanks to wii hacks I have both games and my wife really likes them. I just got Super Mario Galaxy 2 on my usb loader and my question is....

    how the heck do you save your game? Is she just not collecting enough stars maybe and therefore not reaching enough checkpoints are bosses? I know she is collecting most of the stars from what I see when I'm walking by but for the life of me, you can't save the game. I think in the first Galaxy you press pause and then quit which gives you the save game option, right?

    well when I tried that for my wife's game, you just get the "back" option when you pause, no save game option.

    Am I getting to old to play video games? I mean, this is too simple for me to figure out how to save a console game? I play star craft 2, battle field 2 bad company on my ultra PC machine, yet I can't save a freaking game on nintendo?

    I'm retarded.

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    Lol It saves every time you get a star. Also at any point you can press the " + " Button and choose " Save & Quit".........

    Are you pressing the home button instead of " + "

    (Same as SMG1)
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    I dont know about the SMG1 but on SMG2 when you get a star from a galaxy level you go back to your ship and it saves automatically... at least for me...

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    No save and quit

    My son and I are playing SMG2 and want to be able to stop between getting stars without losing all of our progress. When we push the + as someone above mentioned it gives us only 3 options...back, return to map, star list...there is no 'save & quit' option. Are we missing something? It is frustrating since it would mean us sitting and playing for however long it takes us to get a star before we can turn it off! Don't always have 2+ hours to spend in front of the Wii in one sitting!
    Thank you so much!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jljenna View Post
    Don't always have 2+ hours to spend in front of the Wii in one sitting!
    Well someone needs to get their priorities straight.
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    JoostinOnline...oh my gosh, you made me crack up! Any advice? My son and I just sat here playing for an hour and a half or so and made some great progress but finally had to 'move on to other things'...yes, we do have to do that from time to we lost everything we had done during that time!! :-(

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    Everytime you just got a Power Star and you see the number of Coins and Star Bits you collected in the Galaxy, with the nice little tunes like ''Dididididiidiiiihhhhhhhhhh'' and ''Tetedete'' if you found a Comet Medal, it says ''The game has been saved.''

    You can also press + or - to pause the game. The second option should be ''Save and Quit''. Confirm to save and quit the game.

    If it still doesn't work, I don't know what's wrong.


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