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Thread: Wii freezez when i hack it

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    Wii freezez when i hack it

    Hey every one my name is phill i'm kind of new to this but i don't know if its here that i post my question but anywho. Its because when i put my sd card to hack my wii i go to settings
    and everything i have to do but when i click on sd card it freezez. I tried to download some
    other versions of banner bomb because thats what it said to do on the site if ever it freezez
    but i tried almost every version. maybe i read rong on the tutorial some one gave but i'd like help

    THX : from: Phill

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    Did it say anything about having a 2gig sandisk regular sd card and not having any gamecube controllers or memory cards plugged in and doing a complete format of the sd card fat32?
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    i know how to format the sd card but whats fat32

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    FAT32 is the file system you want to format it to. What guide are you following?

    Was your Wii modded before? If it was modded and now you can't run hackmii installer See the guide below.

    BannerBomb Freezes When launching Hackmii Installer
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