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Thread: formatted a softmod 4.2e

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    formatted a softmod 4.2e

    help me please. I have recently messed up and removed HBC and I think most of the apps, and screwed something up. I then decided to format my 4.2e will and now when I try to install anything I get a blank screen, please help, my kids are giving me grief.

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    What gives u a black screen exactly? Wii channels? Hackmii installer? give us a little more to go on!

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    As Pob said, more info is needed. If it is freezing when trying to launch the Hackmii installer with bannerbomb, have a look here for a possible solution.

    Bannerbomb Freezes -- Hackmii Installer-- Troubleshooting
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    Krank, thanks mate, that link was a massive help and my Wii is now sorted. thank you

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    Thanks Krank, I followed your guide from the above link for version 4.2e. However when installing from WAD, i kept getting an error, so tried installing from NUS and had no problems. Once I followed your advice and got my WII pack and working with HBC, Bootmii and Nand backed up and safe. I then followed another tutorial to fully install other WAD and channels on HBC. But without your help, I would have been no where.


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