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Thread: Softmod Problems & Troubleshooting [GUIDE]

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    Softmod Problems & Troubleshooting [GUIDE]


    Section 1 ------ System Menu 4.3

    Section 2 ------ Hackmii Installer Problems - Blackscreen or Freeze
    Section 3 ------ BootMii Won't Load? --Blackscreen
    Section 4 ------ Accidental 4.2 Update
    Section 5 ------
    Interpreting Sys-Check
    Section 6 ------ Installing cIOS38 Rev 17
    Section 7 ------ Installing a WAD File
    Section 8 ------
    Fix Errors & 2011
    Section 9 ------ IOS Needed For WiiWare and Virtual Console Games
    Section 10 ----- CBoot2 Apps
    Section 11 ----- Forwarder Channels Not Working
    Section 12 ----- Other Common Problems

    Please Note : I take no responsibility if you damage your console. Pay attention to what you're doing!

    [-----Section 1-----]

    System Menu 4.3
    Do NOT Update.[SPOILER="The 4.3 Softmod Guide"]System Menu 4.3 update -- Released June 21 2010

    The 4.3 Softmod Guide -- By Mauifrog
    -- [/SPOILER]

    [-----Section 2-----]

    Hackmii Installer Problems
    Black Screen or Freeze [SPOILER="Steps 1-3"][1] --- Make Sure WiiConnect24 Is Off
    [2] --- Use a 2GB or less SD Card. NO SDHC Cards. Full Formatted to FAT32. (Sandisk 2GB Regular SD Is Recommend)
    [3] --- Try Alternate Versions of BannerBomb (Re-name installer.elf to boot.elf If Needed)

    System Menu 4.2 --> BannerBomb V2
    System Menu 3.1-4.1 --> Bannerbomb V1[/SPOILER][SPOILER="Step 4 - If Steps 1-3 fail then use MMM to install an Un-Patched IOS36, 58, and 61."]
    Backup and Format your SD card.

    4.2 Users Download - HBC-App_Hackmii-Installer_Fix_MMM_CB2_BB2.rar
    3.1-4.1 Users Download - HBC-App_Hackmii-Installer_Fix_MMM_CB2_BB1.rar

    Extract directly to SD:/ (SD Root)
    [SPOILER="How To Extract To SD:/ (SD Root)"]How to Extract a RAR or ZIP to the SD Root - SD:/
    In this guide (and others here) you will often see instructions like this:
    Download [Download Link Here] Extract to SD:/ (The Root is the First Directory of your USB Device or SD Card)
    To Extract the RAR to the SD Root:
    1. Connect the USB Device Or SD Card to your PC
    2. Right click the RAR file and select "Extract Files..."
    3. Browse for your SD Card (Example "Removable Disk F")
    4. Double Click the Device. Click "OK" to Extract the RAR - Overwrite/Merge/Replace *If Asked*

    4.2 Users - Click the SD Card Icon on the Wii Menu - Load Boot.dol/elf
    3.1-4.1 Users - Go into Settings, Data Management, Channels, SD Card -
    Load Boot.dol/elf

    Multi-Mod Manager Loads

    1. Select "Wad Manager"
    2. Press 1 to install ALL wads - Press A to confirm
    3. Verify an error free install of all 3 wads.

    (MMM is set to load IOS250, if you don't have it then reload another IOS (36, 222, 223, 249) and install the wads)


    If Multi-Mod Manager Failed to Load -- Try the Alt. Packs -- Replace The "Private" Folder on Your SD with one of the folders below.

    Alt. BB2 - For 4.2 Users - Alt1--Alt 2
    Alt.BB1 - For 3.1 -4.1 Users - Alt1--Alt2--Alt3--Alt4

    NOTE: If installing IOS36 doesn't work -- Install WITHOUT PATCHES
    [/SPOILER][SPOILER="Other Things to Try"]Other things to try:

    --- Load Multi Mod Manager, select "Reload another IOS" , choose IOS58, go to "App Manager", Load the Hackmii Installer.

    Or try This...

    Quote Originally Posted by mauifrog View Post
    Try this\-Extract bootmii folder-PAL.rar or to sd:\ (you can use your own if you have it)
    -Extract to sd:\

    -Boot the wii, load HBC
    -Press [HOME] launch bootmii
    -bootmii loads
    -Go To the bootmii SD menu
    -Load bootmini.elf
    Hackmii Installer loads
    Install HBC, update boot2 bootmii, update bootmii ios, etc.

    [ ----- Section 3 ----- ]

    BootMii Won't Load? --
    [SPOILER="BootMii Blackscreen"][1] - The "bootmii" folder should be in the ROOT of your SD card and must contain the following files:


    [2] - Unplug any GameCube Controllers or Memory Cards.

    If installed as boot2 -- Insert SD into Wii and Power on -- Bootmii Loads

    If installed as IOS -- Load HBC and press HOME, Select "Launch bootmii"

    [3] - If bootmii loads to a black screen and freezes - Full Format your SD card and reinstall bootmii with the hackmii installer. It will create a new bootmii folder.

    Install as Boot2 If you can. If not then Install as IOS.

    Reinstall Bootmii by following Step One of This Guide -- Softmod ANY Wii

    *Or by following the guide you are already using*

    [-----Section 4-----]

    Accidental 4.2 Update [SPOILER="Accidental 4.2 Update"]You need to follow a 4.2 Guide. -- Install Priiloader this time! - Block Online and Disks Updates

    Softmod for ANY 4.2 Wii!
    - By ShadowSonic2

    Softmod for ANY Wii - By Mauifrog (Does not work with 4.3.)

    Note: If bannerbomb gives you a black screen when installing HBC, see above "BannerBomb Freezes When launching Hackmii Installer"

    Priiloader Info & Guides

    Add Priiloader to 4.1U or 4.1E or 4.2U or 4.2E
    Everything You Need To Know About Priiloader
    "No Hacks.ini found" -- Solution Here![/SPOILER]

    [-----Section 5-----]

    Interpreting Sys-Check
    [SPOILER="SysCheck -- What To Look For"]How to Run a Sys-Check -- Simple Instructions

    **NEVER Delete an IOS below 200**
    **NEVER Install a stub IOS**

    The main things to look for are:

    Patched IOS

    IOS36 -- Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access - ENABLED

    IOS222, 223, 224, 249, 250 -- Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access, USB 2.0 - ENABLED

    Optional IOS With Patches
    - Not Needed - Optional

    IOS38 -- Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access - ENABLED

    IOS53 -- Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access - ENABLED

    IOS55 -- Trucha Bug, ES Identify, NAND Access - ENABLED

    IOS Downloads -- For Offline Install -- Install with DOP-Mii, say YES to all Patches --Optional

    IOS Revision

    The Revision Number is shown below in red text. (This is an Example ONLY)

    IOS (revision),IOS Stub,Trucha Bug,ES Identify,Flash Access,NAND Access,Boot2 Access,USB 2.0
    IOS3 (rev 65280),Yes,?,?,?,?,?,?
    IOS4 (rev 65280),Yes,?,?,?,?,?,?
    IOS9 (rev 778),No,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,D isabled

    PLEASE NOTE: There is NO need to update to the latest IOS Revision if all your games work!

    Never Update IOS 202 222, 223, 224,249,250 using DOP-Mii! It will STUB your IOS.

    -- Most IOS Display as Rev 65535

    If most of your IOS are rev 65535 then you have cIOSCORP Installed. This EXCLUDES IOS 202,222,223,224 and 250.

    **IOS 202, 222, 223, 224 -- Hermes v5 - Installs as 65535**
    **IOS250 - Installs as 65535 -- To prevent being overwritten by a Stub.**

    How to Uninstall cIOSCORP from your Wii Console -- Optional
    More Info

    [SPOILER="More Info"]Recommended IOS249 Revision
    Rev 17 -- How to Install - STEP [3]

    How do I know if I have the latest IOS Revision ?
    A Complete List of IOS Files & Their Functions

    How do I check which IOS my game needs?
    Which IOS Games Use To Run

    My Game is NOT on the List above, what now?
    Find Out Which IOS a Game Needs

    How do I download the IOS I need?
    NUS Downloader [Simple Guide]

    How to Restore the Trucha Bug in IOS36
    Restore Trucha Bug to IOS36
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    [-----Section 6-----]

    Installing cIOS38 Rev 17
    [SPOILER="cIOS38 Rev 17"]Download -- cIOS38r17.rar -- Extract -- Copy the Folder with boot.dol to your apps folder.

    For Offline Install -- Download IOS38-64-v3867.rar Extract and copy to the root of your SD

    Start The Homebrew Channel and load cIOS38-rev17 Installer.

    Choose IOS36 -- Press A -- (If IOS36 doesn't work then try IOS250)

    Online Install -- Pick Network Install

    Offline Install -- Pick Wad Install

    Press A -- Wait Until It Finishes -- DONE[/SPOILER]

    [-----Section 7-----]

    Installing a WAD
    [SPOILER="Wad Installation"]
    1. Download -- WAD-Manager_v1.7.rar
    2. Extract and Copy the Wad Manager Folder to the apps folder on your SD (SD:/apps/WAD-Manager_v1.7/boot.dol)
    3. Wad Files go in the Wad folder on your SD (SD:/wad/xxxxxx.wad)
    4. Launch Wad Manager Via HBC -- Select IOS249 -- Press A
    5. NAND Emulation -- Disabled -- Press A ---- Wii SD Slot -- Press A
    6. Select the wad you want to install -- Press A To Install -- Wait -- Press HOME When finished.

    Other Wad Managers

    Wad Manager v1.4 MOD By Sorg[/SPOILER]

    [-----Section 8-----]

    Fix Error 2011
    [SPOILER="Fakesign IOS36"] -- How To Restore the Trucha Bug in IOS36 -- [/SPOILER]

    [-----Section 9-----]

    **For System Menus 3.1 to 4.2 Only**

    IOS Needed For WiiWare and Virtual Console Games [SPOILER="IOS"]If your game Loads to a Black Screen -- Check that you have the following IOS installed:

    IOS33 -- Link
    IOS35 -- Link
    IOS37 -- Link
    IOS53 -- Link
    IOS55 -- Link
    IOS56 -- Link

    If you don't have these IOS -- Download and Install with WadManager.

    [-----Section 10-----]

    CBoot2 Apps
    -- These apps can be run without going through HBC first[SPOILER="Cboot2 Apps"]How to use them -- Backup and format your SD. Extract the contents to the ROOT of your SD.

    Load VIA Bannerbomb Method -- Load boot.elf/dol

    4.2 Users
    - Click the SD Card Icon on the Wii Menu.
    3.1-4.1 Users - Go into Settings, Data Management, Channels, SD Card.


    4.2 Packs

    cIOS38 Rev17 -- CB2_BB2_Cios38-r17-installer.rar
    DOP-Mii --

    3.1-4.1 Packs

    cIOS38 Rev17 --
    DOP-Mii -- Dop-Mii_v12_CB2_BB1.rar

    Universal Packs

    SysCheck --
    Wad-Manager --[/SPOILER]

    [-----Section 11-----]

    Forwarder Channels Not Working
    [SPOILER="Forwarder Channels -- Black Screen"]*3.1-4.2 Only*



    [-----Section 12-----]

    Other Common Problems
    Problematic Games & How to make them work!
    How to Uninstall cIOSCORP from your Wii Console

    Full Brick, Bootmii/boot2 installed but No Nand Backup? Solution Here!
    My Wii Boots to a Black-screen!! What can I do?

    Preloader/Priiloader Brick Fix
    - Error autobooting system menu! Ticket not found!
    Semi-Brick, system settings locked, Opera error--FIX HERE
    Priiloader--"No Hacks.ini found" -- Solution Here!
    Fixing a Banner Brick -- Due to a Bad Wad Install

    For More Basic Info -- Modding FAQ - Simple Answers --
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    THANKYOU!! 4b worked for me, I was able to install HBC again.

    When it asks if you want to enable or disable the following: FakeSign-- ES_Id--- NAND -- Flash; I put disable for all.
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    lookin good

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    Glad it worked for you!

    If someone would like to see something added to this guide let me know!
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    Thumbs up

    thank you for the usefull information. my wii was on 4.0 when I bought it and I upgraded to 4.2E then I softmoded my wii but I can not play backup games does that mean that I have a chip installed in my wii which prevents me from playing backups ? and when I try to play ISO from my HDD I have to remove the usb connection twice then it starts. so is that normall?

    thanks again

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    I softmoded my wii but I can not play backup games does that mean that I have a chip installed in my wii which prevents me from playing backups ?
    Yes if your Wii Is new then that is probably the case.

    try to play ISO from my HDD I have to remove the usb connection twice then it starts. so is that normall?
    I have heard of people needing to do that with certain hard drives. So normal to an extent. Try a different loader.

    Also make a post in the introductions section if you get the chance.
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    hey i tried doing 1-3 didnt work tried to use dop mii but the iso file wasnt there i got into it but that was it tried wad manager it didnt work any suggestions

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    Note: For Offline Install Download IOS36-64-v3351.wad --Copy This to the WAD Folder On Your SD Card.
    Did you do this? If not the IOS will not be there.

    Also Please give more info then "It didn't work". What didn't work...what part failed? Did you get errors? Thanks.
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    hi i am trying to update to 4.1e on the wad manager and it keeps freezing on installing content, any ideas please

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