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Thread: ciso conversion

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    ciso conversion

    i softmodded my wii and put my iso's on my hard drive using wbfs manager 3.0 and then play my iso's off my external hard drive. is there a way to convert ciso's to play off my external? i have seen posts that say you can use backup manager but i access my games through wiiflow. but i am scared i am going to screw something up. any help is appreciated.

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    backup manager is a PC Application. You can also use WBFS Intelligent manager to transfer them directly to your WBFS Drive without converting to ISO. (Backup Manager can do that too I think)

    You won't mess anything up and you can still load them with WiiFlow.
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    thanks for the info. is WBFS Intelligent manager the same as wbfs manager or is that something i need to download?

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    It's different. Just Google it or search in the live search here at Wiihacks. It is basically an updated version of WBFS Manager. Very easy to use.
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    i downloaded wbfs intelligent but have a couple problems. first, it is in spanish. i can work around that. but when i choose a drive it says i have an incorrect partition format. can i fix this without having to reformat my hard drive?

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    Not sure...what are you formated to?

    Also there is an english version.
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    can it be changed?

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    ok, i think i screwed something up. i tried to partition my drive to have a section for ciso files. when i bring up wbfs manager it says An error occurred while loading drive. Make sure the drive is not in use or open and that has been formatted to WBFS format. when i check the drive under my computer it recognizes the drive but not the contents. when i check the disc manager it says it is a RAW format. it is almost full and it still plays when i hook it up to the wii so i am not too worried but i can't add anymore games or transfer it to another hard drive. any advice.

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    I didn't say anything about adding another partition. I said you can add your .ciso files to your WBFS drive with WBFS manager intelligent. Its not a hard process and works the same as copying an ISO.

    What gave you the idea to try and make a second partition???
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    i think i was reading another thread at the the same time and just got mixed up. hopefully it is not beyond repair but like i said in the last post, my drive was almost full and still plays the games so if it can't be fixed its no major loss. i appreciate all your help anyway.

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