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Thread: Samaurai Warriors 3 Help?

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    Post Samaurai Warriors 3 Help?

    First off, i hope this is in right spot of forum if not, my apologies. Also I saw a similiar thread where the answer was to instal hermes ios222 and 223 and that did not work for me.

    i have a 3.2 wii soft mod use gx loader and CFG and wiiflow, none of them work for Samarai Warriors 3.

    I have changed options to boot to ios 222 and ios 223 thru the loaders, but I dont even get to the intro screen of game. Upon booting its an instant black screen.

    can someone please enlighten me here as to how to play this game I am really looking forward to it.

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    Last I saw, the ripped release of this game doesn't work. Now if you're using an original, I couldn't tell you. I will move this thread where it needs to go...

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    well i read the wiird release of game was bad dump... the one i have is labeled as espal

    it could be mislabeled or something havent updated my wii in ages I thought i was problem missing a file or something

    and thanks for moving this to the proper place on forum for me

    if anyone else has a solution to this please let me know


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