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Thread: Best Hard drives?

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    Best Hard drives?

    Yes I have used the live search and saw the combatibilty list. However, I coulden't find one that will all work with usb loader gx, be availble in futureshop canada and be affordable. I would like one that is around 100GB~500GB and that is around $25~$50.

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    Ok, so in addition to a compatability list, you want us to actually shop around and find it for you correct?
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    I posted my drive on that list. Got it at futureshop in Canada, 320 GB. $70, works with every loader. Its called Pro Drive.

    Best thing to do is print the list and then go to a few stores or buy one off the net.

    We aren't going to do it for you..
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    LoL I have a toshiba 320 hard drive its compatible with everything I suggest you up your price range otherwise you're going to get stuck with a crappy one.


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