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Thread: is this possible yet

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    is this possible yet

    hi guy i have been told by a pal that it will soon be possible to boot iso's directley from a usb hard drive is there any truth to this

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    Ehhhhhhhh it is all in all possible, but soon I don't see that being a top programmers concern. I still as the HomeBrew Master am waiting for a good Wii 64 emu.

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    some one gave me a game cube disk with loads of games on n64 snes nes mega drive ect ect they all play grate from the disk just 2 green lines across the top of the tv

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    there was someone playing around with this , though not really made for backups and there are a few problems with it in terms of speed and reliability, so might be a while still, but will be cool to have games load off a hdd if the speed was just as good.
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