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Thread: Wii Channels 4.2U aren't working

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    Wii Channels 4.2U aren't working

    Hi guys! I have tried pretty much everything to get them working. I guess it's not much of a big deal since everything else is working anyway. Homebrew and USB Loader are working so that's the main thing for me. So I've tried using Dop-mii, and WIISCU to reinstall the channels. Reinstalling 4.2u using Safe Updater and Waninkoko's safe updater and all of them have the same issue. They all FREEZE! So the Forecast and News channel are there but it's asking me to update to update to 4.2U through nintendo's server. I even went to as far as trying to reinstall 4.2U through their server and what happens?? You guessed it...IT FROZE!! AAaaarrgghh!! Yeah so I'm pretty much frustrated and I need help really badly. If anyone can help that'll be great but if not that's ok. My games are working in my external HDD that's all that matters.

    Oh c'mon guys no help?? Can anyone at least tell me if this issue has been discussed already?? I changed my mind I want those wii channels back. Please help!!
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    Did you turn on WiConnect24? It's needed for the ones you mention. If you have Priiloader installed and have enabled block online updates, this would be another reason.

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    What is the end result you are looking for exactly?
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    Oh man thanx for the replies. The end result I'm trying to get is to get the forecast and news channel working. Shop channel seems to be fine and working. I have the forecast and news channel but everytime I run those channels it's asking me to update to 4.2u through nintendo's server. I am currently trying to install the News channel that I downloaded through NUS auto downloader 4.1.3 using wad manager 1.4 and still freezes. It's installing content #14 and it's just stuck there. The instructions from the NUS downloader says to turn off wiiconnect24 tried installing News channel it froze. Turned it on and still the same result. Block online and disc updates are disabled on Priiloader.

    Hey guys so I just successfully downgraded to 4.1u but installing the weather channel and I'm assuming the News channel too just won't install using DOP-MII V12. Right now it says installing 00010002-48414645 and it's just stuck right there. I've been searching here in the forums for any resolutions to my issues but can't find any. Please help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BiggC View Post
    Hey guys so I just successfully downgraded to 4.1u
    As the only active wiihacks supported downgrade guide is for hardmodders only and authored and maintained by mauifrog, this is a FAIL.

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    I followed steps from and was able to go through the process with nothing but problems. Of course, I won't bother them since it's their guide. Instead I will selfishly demand of your time to fix my error that I'm too unmotivated to seek assistance from the source of my problems.

    Also, I'm too much in a hurry to have noticed or bothered reading the thread closed sticky. Even more so, I really can't take the time to read how I'm not supposed to open another thread when one is closed as stated in the site rules either.

    Now with all this noobie fail, maybe you'll see I'm just not getting
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