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Thread: neo & usb gx issues

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    Post neo & usb gx issues

    so yes, i've searched the forums, but none answered my question.
    i tried playing monster hunter tri and got neo and gx to work up until the start menu where you hit new game. once i hit new game it freezes, black screen and the annoying computer "nehhhhhh" sound that lasts forever. then shut my wii down.
    i have 4.2u
    followed this guide (exactly)
    although i didn't install priiloader
    [cIOS 222 v4 cIOS38 v14 (that's what the guide had not sure if i should/need to upgrade, if so tell me know)]
    update homebrew (still didn't help [v1.0.6 IOS61 c21.29)
    updated gx (still didn't help)
    i changed the video mode to Force NTSC
    using verbatim 8gb flash drive

    if you need any more info, let me know and i'll try and find it.

    many thanks!

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    Have you looked here?

    I would install cios 38 rev 17 as well. You can find the installer in my signature.

    I would advise installing pri loader so you have some brick protection, not as daunting as some people think.
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    i did everything and did the link as well. after a loooong attempt, IT WORKS! thanks a million!

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