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Thread: HELP! Can you split external hdd for use with usb loader and pc files?

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    HELP! Can you split external hdd for use with usb loader and pc files?

    Hi there.sorry if this has already been mentioned somewhere else.i am new to all this and i have tried looking everywhere.i am a little short on cash and i have 1 external hdd which i use for storing my pc files and i was wondering if you can split this drive s i can still store my pc files but also run games off it.i found out that i have one of them d3-2 drives so if someone could provide me some guide or valuable info!?
    Thankyou for your time

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    to simply answer your question, yes you can. Make the wbfs partition active and primary and your other partion whatever format you desire. For more info on this click the guide in my sig about usb loading
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    Thankyou for replying so fast.i will have a look at the guide now.and thanks once again

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    Works a dream! thankyou very much!

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