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Thread: Region Frii fails for Pikmin 2

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    Region Frii fails for Pikmin 2


    I have an NTSC Wii and I am trying to run Compressed Pikmin 2 pal for wii. I am using neogamma 8 with ios 279 and cios rev 14. My wii is 3.2u

    I used regionfrii to make it NTSC and ran many different settings for neogamma and nothing. the screen comes black and its not even recognized as a game on the disk channel (which would recognize the PAL game even though it doesnt play it)

    Any ideas?

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    Did you read the problematic games thread? Link in my sig.

    Are you using component cables?

    ( This is not a burning problem so Why post it in this section of the froums??)
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Sorry, I miscatagoried it (didnt think before posting. my mistake)

    Thanks for the help


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