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Thread: # Nand.bin doesn't work :(

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    # Nand.bin doesn't work :(

    Dear community,

    Im trying to find out if theres a method to solve my problem..

    I just full bricked my wii, black screen.

    I haven't a nand.bin and key.bin backup from my wii.

    So I start a giant process to solve this brick, but its getting hard every day

    I bought a infectus mod chip, and installed on my nand, (solder).

    I runned XavBox and just read all my nand to a nand.bin file - I read on some tutorials that infectus cuts the key.bin, from the nand.. not sure about that.

    Anyway, other ppl told me about get the keys from the nand.bin (that infectus created) using a Hex Editor (like WinHex), and go to the position $21000158 - $21000167 and there should be the keys from my nand:
    - Questions, if it work, I just have to copy the blocks ~158 to ~167 and save on a new document of WinHex (16 bytes) as key.bin?
    - Can anybody give me some help please!

    I really need the keys to use a functional nand backup (with bootmii - converting by Betwiin) and repair this wii..

    Would you guys, please, help me in this case?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Moved to the bricked forum.
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    FYI, I'm moving this to the bricked section of the forum. Erkie seems to be the man as far as restoring with an infectious chip is concerned btw.

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    Lmao, I would also like to move this to the bricked section.
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    To late, odd. You had 2 people try to beat you to it, lol.

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    haha you guys are all over it.

    OP- You may want to check out Erkie's thread on NAND Programming as well.
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    You can't get your keys from an infectus nand dump, only from a bootmii nand dump. So if you do not have a nand.bin or key.bin from a bootmii dump, you can not fix it without a vulnerable boot1.
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    Hello Maufrog, thanks for your reply.

    Im curious about those information.. how can I know if my nand has boot1 vulnerable?

    btw, my hollywood v. is 0830 or something like that.. Don't know if it will help..

    Anyway if its not vulnerable.. theres no other method to get the key.bin ?

    Im a noob in hacks, but .. I was wondering if there is some possibility to insert Priiloader into this nand (dump by infectus), and boot it to bootmii menu.. do you think that's possible? if Priiloader run.. I can easily go to bootmii and make a backup getting my wii keys.. theres any method to do it, like open the nand (that infectus created) on WiiNand for example, and insert priiloader "manual" installing ? If there's, can you please tell me how?

    [Sorry for bad english]

    Best regards.
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    0830 is not vulnerable.

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    Do you know if the hollywood 0837 is boot1 vulnerable.. and what about 0819, 0902?

    How can I know if its vulnerable or not?

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