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Thread: Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I patched ISO with backup-creator as instruction below and burn it with imgburn at 2X speed on Taiyo Yuden dvd-r. It lauched the backup game with black and white, so I installed the hd component cable. It said “NOT SUPPORTED MODE”. What should I do next? Please advice! It's greatly appreciated.

    Here’s an easy way to do the command propmt bit.
    Paste your ISO in the same folder as the backup-creator.
    Rename it rom.iso
    Now, open notepad, and type in the following.
    backup-creator.exe rom.iso
    save the document as runme.bat (not runme.bat.txt)
    you should now have a batch file in the folder (a little window with a cog in it)
    Run that, and go make a cup of tea. It’ll take a while. At the end, you’ll have a file called partition.iso which is the one to burn on good dvd-r at slow speed.

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    Are you using waninkoko's loaded ow wiigators back-up loader? Waninkokos does work very well. I would down load wiigators and follow his insntructions its allot east to patch and I havent had one problem he also has a list of what gomes work and witch do not. I'm sure you can goodle back up creater along with wiigator and find his software. hope this helps.

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    It is because Waninkokos is just a beta version on of his testers released. Wii gators is a complete one that he worked on and released.


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