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Thread: Problems when installing os202, ios222, ios223.

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    Problems when installing os202, ios222, ios223.

    Hello all, I have been using Bessie's guide (wonderful guide by the way) but every time I try to install 202,222,& 223 it starts connecting to the network, then gives me tons of codes and says code dump. I don't know if this is outdated or a new method has come around, but if anyone has the time and doesn't mind giving a noob a hand, I would greatly appreciate it. I've followed the guide exactly word for word but I just get stuck there, I'm currently just trying to play Monster Hunter tri off my USB. So once again, I ask for help, thank you all that take the time to read this.

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    This doesn't solve your internet connection problem but i have the wads for the offline install if u require them?

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    DOWNLOAD Hermes cIOS v4 - install Hermes cIOS v4.rar (Offline OR Online)

    Instructions Here - Hermes v4
    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Thanks guys!


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