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Thread: Wasabi DX wont play anything?

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    Wasabi DX wont play anything?


    I have no idea with this so please forgive my ignorance but I am on the verge of kicking S*** out of my Wii at the moment! ive search the forums and cannot find anything with the same problem?

    Anyway i recently bought and installed the Wasabi DX Chip into my Wii which is running on 3.4E. I have managed to run the configuration but when i insert any disc I get a black screen come up with an error telling me to switch the Wii off? I have checked the switches and ribbon cables on numerous occasions and still canot get anything to work? When I remove the chip and go back to running the ribbon cable from the motherboard back to the drive I just get an unreadble disc error? even with my original games? Is my Wii now broken or is this a common fault? I installed the chip from a Youtube guide which was extremely simple so i am still amazed it doesnt work?

    I also downloaded the 3.0 firmware but just get the black screen again when I insert the disc? so im a bit stuck? Hopefully I have given enough info but Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    What do you mean by I've managed to run the configuration? The DX update disc?
    It sounds like a drive problem of some sort since the wii is also no longer reading original game discs, but need some clarity on the question above. Is the drive loud when it spins up? If so check and make sure the mount screws holding it in place are not too loose or tight. If you messed with any other screws in the drive it could be the problem as well but this is usually a fix for a loud drive so if you're sure that you only loosened the mount screws to get to the back of the drive then only adjust those to see if it makes a difference.
    Last but not least did any other mishap happen when you were assembling/disassembling the wii that could have damaged the drive? are the ribbon cables and little brown plastic clips to attach them still in good shape?
    Have your tried games with the wii open? getting any lights on the DX chip when a disc is inserted?
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