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Thread: change region in wads wii shizzle whizzle dizzle

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    change region in wads wii shizzle whizzle dizzle

    change region in wads using wii shizzle whizzle dizzle

    what it does is it changes region of thw wads in whatever region you what

    and it changes region of iso and removes the updates

    its better than free the wads or channel loader try it but first go to the settings tab and click settings and change it to your region and stuff

    download link RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

    enjoy just in case download link doesent work go here
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

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    Live forever you say?
    The unofficial Homebrew Helper. Ask me how!

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    Thumbs up Thank you


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    yupyup, I use this tool as well. Has worked for most of my games, except for the one that require the update to play. Never used Regionfrii, but this tool lets me convert over to US and play PAL games. At least thats what I've tested so far.

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    I have a U.S. WII but I would like to be able to play Japanese games.

    Would I be able to play it with this?

    I haven't done anything to my Wii since I purchased it.

    Sorry for the noob questions.

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    yes but 99/100 wads u download are region free, because the upper changed them

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    this is great many thanks

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    ok so i have the 3.1 u v and wish to hack it .to do so i need to put it to 1.2 u but i dnt wanna upgrade cuz ill go to 3.4.In other sites it says that i have to install the homebrew channel first.
    then used the app "anyregion changer to go to v 1.2 u.but i dnt know if its possible to download homebrew chnael without the zelda hack. and then again thers another sites that says that thers a programe that unlocks the homebrew of ur wii... honestly nt sure if it gonna any suggestions?

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    does' this need homebrew channel to work

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    Quote Originally Posted by mee09 View Post
    does' this need homebrew channel to work
    no, it runs on your PC, to modify the .wad file.

    You will need HBC/WadManager to instyall the wad file on your wii tho.


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