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Thread: GH5 Retail copy help

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    GH5 Retail copy help

    Forgive me for sounding like a total n00b...and for the long post.

    I'm running a softmodded wii on 4.2u, NTSC. My problem isn't running a backup game - it's the original retail copy I own. I haven't played GH5 since modding my wii 2 weeks ago - the game has always worked fine before. Now the game is forcing me to run a system update to play (which might erase all the modding) - even though I'm running the latest software? I've been researching this forum and the web and according to this site: Guitar Hero 5 Forces Mandatory Wii System Update • , the "update" is to install a cIOS (cIOS56-64-v5146-rev14) - which I believe I ALREADY installed when I got Neogamma. I've read the GH5 guide on here, but that's for running backups - but will it work with retail copies or do I have to update and possibly softmod my wii all over again?

    Thanks for any help.

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    have you tried your retail GH5 disc with Neogamma?

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    Actually, its totally fine to use that update, it will not overwrite your softmods, only online updates will destroy your wii. But before you go and do this, In my opinion, you should run Pimp My Wii to see that all your IOSs are up to date so you no longer have this issue. Hope I helped, my post count may make me seem like a newbie, but I have done lots of research for wii softmodding

    Disc updates have been known to contain a System Menu update, a disc update is not recommended
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    Thanks for putting my mind at ease! I ran Pimp My Wii and updated and everything was fine - all the mods are in tact.

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    Pimp my wii is a horrible application and should be avoided at all costs. Also telling people to go ahead and accept the update because it is on a disk is wrong. Some disks now contain 4.2 which is the same as an online update.
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