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Thread: Improved d3-2 ?

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    Improved d3-2 ?

    Hey guys
    I got a question about the wii board,
    I got my self a D2c board and a chip to install myself
    I called to purchase a wii, and the guy was talking about
    a new version of PAL wii that unlike the latest d3-2 that
    you can just put an old drive, he claims that this new one
    sync between the dvd board and main board, and if its not the original dvd board
    it just wont work, meaning you can't put an old drive as it was until now.

    I haven't heard or saw anything about it, so its sounds like he
    is bluffing, the only thing that makes me doubt that he sounded like
    he knew what he was talking about versus other saleman that just try to
    convey me that I cant do it by myself without having basic knowlage about modding.

    anyway buttom line, does anyone heard about such a thing?

    thanks for the help

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    my first time to hear it from u

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    meanwhile I have found report on the web about a new chipset GC2-D4

    here for exmaple
    New Wii drive in the wild: GC2-D4 | Hirdyz Emporium

    I am guessing he was refering this chipset.
    not enough information to confrim the writers saying that swap is possible
    or the saleman that said it can't be done..

    If anyway know more about it, I would be glad if he could share
    otherwise I guess I will have to verify I am buying an older model.


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