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Thread: some games take up o.9 gig, others 4.8 on usb

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    some games take up o.9 gig, others 4.8 on usb

    I used compressed files for both but one took up less space
    while the other more

    Is this common, or do I used the very first compressed file given after doing the torrenting?

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    When you transfer an iso to the wbfs partition it scrubs the img so gets rid of the useless stuff. I have seen some games which are under 200mb on 4.7gb discs.

    Some people before uploading might have scrubbed them so there isnt as much to upload. I have scrubbed some of mine so they dont take the room up on the mac/pc HDD

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    Balloon Pop 80 MB
    Fantasy Aquarium World 80 MB
    Super Fruit Fall 80 MB

    Smallest games I've seen so far.


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