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Thread: bannerbomb SD card Error

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    bannerbomb SD card Error

    Hi all, i have successfully installed HBC etc thru the SD card on my 4.2e along with neo gamma etc. I have then tried to do my son's wii which is also 4.2e BUT when i insert the same sd card hiswii says "the device inserted cannot be used"?????? I have not come across this before and wondered if his wii was different in some way or if there was a solution? Any help greatly appreciated.

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    What sd card are you using?

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    Some wiis are picky about this. So try reformating the card (full format fat 32) and trying again. Then if still no joy try a different card. sandisks are reported to work best(2gb). I use a kingston 2gb with no glitches. Its just trial and error i'm afraid

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