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Thread: WADs not loading despite using freethewads

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    WADs not loading despite using freethewads

    I have an NTSC-J machine, have been trying to get my back up copy of
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As A King working.

    First I loaded into my SD Card, used WADmanager to install it. When I tried to start the program on the Wii front page, it says it cannot run this channel.

    So I thought it must be because this backup copy was NTSC-U version. Having used freethewads to alter the region to NTSC-J and free-region, neither has succeeded. It always goes back to the first screen. No black screen, no error message. The Wii just restarts at the front page.

    Anyone know why? Many thanks

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    Probably because it is a bad file, Homebrew revolves around files, files , files, files. If it won't work delete and re download the file as is. Just get a .wad J for your region or one that says all regions. Check out I know for sure that they have some on there because I downloaded that .wad and it was in Japanese.

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    go here

    made it myself maybe this will work

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    i'm having the same problems with loading wads. i used freethewads to get most of them on, but i cant seem to get strongbad ep. 3 through 5 to work. 1 and 2 are fine. i have a jap wii and have tried freethewads, the shizzle whizzle dizzle thing and both arent loading. ep.3 will make a channel, give me the "dont smack things in your house" warning, and then just a black screen. when i installed ep.4 i immediately get a message in japanese that forces me to the settings menu and i cant get out of it. after i deleted the channel, the wii went back to normal. can someone PLEASE help me. also, does anyone know what that japanese message i got said? my wii is 3.2J -sorry for the long post.


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