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Thread: Red Steel 2 Clarification and SD questions

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    Red Steel 2 Clarification and SD questions

    So obviously games like Red Steel 2 and Wii Sports Resort do not boot correctly. And there are several different methods and guides apparently to fix it. But I can't seem to find the correct fix.

    Im rockin:

    Cios Rev 14,17,19
    USB Loader GX rev 929.

    I cannot do the alternate dol trick for whatever reason because whenever I try and change the settings, USB loader crashes and reloads the system menu.

    Any ideas?

    The other question I had was about running games off of an SD card. I installed them via wad on to the system and yet when I transfer it to the SD card, the gams fail to launch. Ideas?

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    Click the link in my signature "Games Won't Load??". Have you tried using a different revision of GX?? ( Or a different USB Loader?? GX is buggy...some revisions anyway)

    Also it is impossible to have rev 14, 17, and 19 installed at the same time so I don't know what your getting at here....

    When launching from SD card the game has to be written to the NAND and if there isn't enough space then it will fail to launch. Also you need to install IOS70 patched to run Wiiware/VC from SD card on 4.2.
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    I myself have trouble with certain versions of usb loader gx, try a different rev. The fixes for those games do work (link in my sig). As for the sd loading of wiiware - it is possible to run them from the sd card cannot remember how, i think it needs a certain ios and TBR but most people use triiforce or sneek for this now.

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    What I meant to say is that I started out on cios_rev14 and upgraded. Are all the newer revisions the same as the previous? Is there any loader that's less buggy than USB Loader GX?

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    cIOS38 Rev 17 Is recommended right now. A reliable loader is Configurable USB Loader. I've Never had any issues with it.
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    You need to watch the WiiMotion Plus Video Either by booting the alt dol from WSR or RS2

    There are Plenty and Plenty of Thread on how to launch different .dols

    Once you watch the vid from whatever loader that you decide to do it with they you will be able to launch it from USBLGX!!!!

    Search for the GUIDES!!!!!



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