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Thread: Accidental Wii 4.2 update.

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    Us Accidental Wii 4.2 update.

    Alright, so I was getting ready to play Call of Duty World at War online. I've played online quite a few times before, but have not done so recently. So I go to my Internet Options and got Wireless Internet successful. It then asked me to perform a Wii System Update. I was oblivious as to what I was doing and accepted. Later did I realize exactly what happened.

    My only two Mods, Neo Gamma and Homebrew, will absolutely not work. When either are accessed, it sits at a black screen and has to be manually shut down. Although regular Wii games still run, I feel as if I own a $200 paperweight.

    My questions are;

    How can I get my mods back up?
    What is Bannerbomb?
    Will my saved data from previous games still be there?

    In advance, thank you!

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    Go to the guides section and find a 4.2 softmod guide. good luck

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    How can I get my mods back up? -- Do what OddGriffin said above.

    What is Bannerbomb? -- An exploit that allows you to install HBC DVDx and Bootmii. (it is included in the Guide)

    Will my saved data from previous games still be there? Yes
    Damn I suck!!!!

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