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Thread: Questions about a procedure that i did to my wii

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    Questions about a procedure that i did to my wii

    I got a new wii. With soft version 4.1u, and i instaled HBC, DVDX, the other one, and some modifications, that a friend told me to do, to use neogamma to run Burnt DVD.

    Here a leave the guide translated from spanish

    Using this to install HBC and others PARTE1.rar

    Using this, and followed the guide below

    -Open"Trucha Bug Restorer" click load. Wait for the screen to ask to press B
    Wait some seconds, and then press 1. Now choose “Downgrade IOS15”, Now hit A,and wait to come back to HBC. Again en trucha change with the D-pad until you see "IOS15", and then A again. Now select “IOS36 menu”, and then “install patched IOS36” hit A every time that ask, and it will return to HBC.
    One last time to trucha, B when text apears, then 1 and now the opcion Restore IOS15, hit A every time, and returns to HBC
    -Install "cIOS38r14 installer".

    And that was it. Now i started to wander, what i have done? So i made 2 errors, the first one was, to format Wii. And later, i upgraded the firm, with a wi-fi update. Now the soft is 4.2u.

    The console, its working great, Wii Sports load ok. Starts ok . i have no noticed any trouble.

    But now i followed this guide (, and i am a little afraid, because once i did some reading in this forum, i was touching ios 15, 36, so i want to know

    "" What i have done to my wii ""

    For example, i want to run a burnt DVD, and i get the 1048 error, and i dont know, if error comes for the things that i made to the wii, o just because the lens.

    i want to learn, but i dont know what i did to it, and either how to reverse it. So am stuck.

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    See the box in my Siganture its called the search feature Type - ERROR INDEX - in the same box up the top of the page.
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