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Thread: External Hardrive and HBC Apps.

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    External Hardrive and HBC Apps.

    Ok, I hope I am not asking a stupid question here. I have searched the forum and found the usb hard drive compatibility list. I am thinking of buying a 1tb drive, and it was helpful so to those who put it together if you happen upon this post thanks a lot. The one thing I am not clear on is this. I can load homebrew apps from my 2gb usb stick if I get one of the compatible drives will I be able to load them from it just like i can with my flashdrive, or was that list only for use with the usb loaders like wiiflow and such?

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    When you buy your 1TB drive, you should create a FAT32 partition on it. I have mine setup as 25GB FAT32 then the rest as WBFS. All my HB apps are loaded from this FAT32 partition. You no longer have to use the 2GB flash drive or the SD card. You can pretty much store those away for a rainy day.

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    Thanks a lot for the reply, now I just need to find a good one that isn't going to bomb on me after three months lol. I might go for less than a TB to get some reliability. Yeah though ill prolly use them for backups and such once I get it that practice already saved my butt once. I downgraded from 4.2 back to 3.1 lol .. went fine sept bootmii was gone lol so I had to restore the folder from my backup. What kind of drive do you have?

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    1TB Western Digial Mybook Edition. It was for a MAC but it works.

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    Thanks a lot for all the help, joining this forum was one of the best things I did before I started messing with my wii lol.

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    I was also looking into this yesterday. It would seem that most external HDs are compatible, I went with Seagate Expansion 250 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive…

    It was the size I needed and seemed to be universally loved by reviewers on multiple sites. Plus no tax or shipping costs ftw.

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    I don't know I think the hard drive itself might limit it or maybe the enclosure your using. My first attempt I made just to see was made using a usb 2.0 compatible enclosure I set everything up properly the wii didn't pick the 30 gb hd I was using up at all, but usb loader did. So I think the compatibility might be tied to a modern feature newer drives use or something.

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