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Thread: D2Sun 1.5 with D2E Epoxy

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    Unhappy D2Sun 1.5 with D2E Epoxy


    This is my first post here in the forum, I apologize if this is in the wrong section as I couldnít find a D2Sun/Wii clip solderless section. I did a quick search of the forum and havenít been able to find any solution for my problem.

    I recently bought a D2Sun v1.53 with a Wii clip for my PAL D2E console (my soldering skills are non-existent so I thought it would be easier to get a clip), and only once I had already bought the chip and opened my console did I realize that I had the epoxy lock. (And only after reading again, found that Drivekey can be used even on epoxy consoles).

    I did some research online on the best ways to remove the epoxy Ė all have suggested using a heatgun or paint stripper. But this is where my problems begin.

    I tried the heat method last night, but the guide I read stated that the temperature of the epoxy should not exceed 190C, but my heat gun runs on a minimum temperature of 300C. I decided to put tin foil around the other components surrounding the chip and used the heatgun for 10 minutes anyway, but the epoxy was still solid, it just wasnít easily breakable like in the tutorial videos. I didnít want to fry any of the components, so I stopped.

    This morning I headed out and bought Nitromors paint & varnish remover. I havenít been able to find a proper guide for using the Nitromors or any paint stripper with the Wii epoxy anywhere . The guide I did find used Poly Strippa and said it should take 15-30 minutes for a partial removal and 30-60 minutes for a full removal. I apply the Nitromors, wait 10-15 minutes until it starts bubbling, remove some excess and begin scraping with a toothpick. It only seems to lift a very thin layer off the top of the epoxy, and I need to do a full removal as Iím using Wii clip - but Iíve now been doing this for over 3 hours and Iíve barely been able to scratch the surface. I knew it would take a while, but this seems almost impossible.

    I canít go back to the heatgun method either because the console will probably explode into a huge fireball.

    If anybody could please offer some help it would be greatly appreciated.
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    Just a quick update: I have managed to spend the last 2 days carefully sanding the epoxy away with a dremel and toothpicks. I've managed to solder the wiiclip (V12C) to the D2Sun 1.53 and fit the wiiclip onto the D2E chip, but now I'm facing a new problem.

    The console powers on and the chip displays a constant green LED, but it won't load any backups. I tested with an original copy of Wii sports and it works perfectly, but any Wii/Gamecube backups won't run.

    Can somebody please help?

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